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The VWAM Library is the perfect place to connect with other Haitians and diaspora around the world. With our fluidity, privacy, and security features, you can learn and communicate effectively without worrying about your safety or privacy. Come join us today and experience the best online library out there!


Frequently Asked Questions

VWAM uses user data to help create modern communities and advocate for global communities.

is the mobile app secure?

VWAM has a single mission: to provide you with an end-to-end encryption option that preserves your rights as both user and content creator. In addition, we aim for the lowest reproduction cost and most negligible tracking costs possible without sacrificing privacy or control over data use. We're doing this by providing services under GDPR law!.

what features does the mobile have?

The VWAM project aims to help those whose mother tongue is a language that does not include scientific and technological terminology learn STEM content.

what are the objectives of this app?

The ideal outcome of this project would be to provide a secure data platform for Haitians that allows them access and advocacy on behalf of their country. This could potentially empower those whose circumstances outside his control have historically marginalized them to create positive change within communities around the world where they live.

how this app is different from others?

What if we could design an application that not only helped the people of Haiti but also advocacy for global communities? I'm developing a platform to do just this. Our goal is to create sustainable, innovative solutions in response. As well as offers resources on how you can get involved with your own community or cause through mobile applications like "VWAM."